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September 28, 2023 at 4:37 am #1125699

Seriously, it sounds like you have made yourself the person to avoid at work, and that’s messing with your ability to make money. You have got to stop thinking in any terms like that people need to earn your respect, or getting people to like you, or showing attitude, or ANYTHING that’s not about how can I get my work done most effectively today. I understand that feeling of needing to get someone higher up to look at something before you can proceed. We all have that problem, even at high levels and many years into our career. You have to find a rhythm of putting stuff out for review, working on other stuff in the meantime, and checking in on the things you need approval on. You are there to help the business run, so you just have to keep hammering away at things and making progress. Treat it like a job, leave all the emotion out of it.