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September 28, 2023 at 8:25 am #1125702


It’s hard to tell what your real concern is. Your first post was about your work crush, then you say you weren’t actually going to ask her out and say she’s actually too stuck up. Then you post twice about wanting to make friends at work, but now you say this isn’t about making friends at work.

You are contributing to the dynamics you are complaining about in a big way IMO. First you are overly-friendly with your co-workers, which they were not receptive to. Then you swing hard in the other direction, ignoring them and adopting a “fuck you” attitude. Neither one of those was the correct approach. Can you not just show up, act professional and pleasant, and do your job without expecting anyone to take an interest in you? You don’t need to ✨vibe✨ with your supervisor. I reported to a man who was quick to anger at my last job… hated the guy and thought he was deeply unfair, but giving him the cold shoulder until he learned to respect me wasn’t an option because… well, that’s never an option.

Also, my first office job was paid hourly and it’s not THAT big of a deal to have some down time. You’ll still get paid. There’s a difference between waiting for a higher up to have the time to weigh in on/approve something and being off task/doing nothing/sitting on issues.