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September 28, 2023 at 4:51 pm #1125711

I don’t know where you live or work, but in most places I think it is illegal for you to be at work and not paid unless you are working on a specific project. If there isn’t enough work for you, then why did they hire someone else? This makes little sense. What is your job. If these co-workers are essentially your bosses, then you appear to have seriously burnt your bridges in this company. I can only guess that you were a real jerk when you started. Is the new hire as young as you are? If so, why do you think they seem to like him but not you?

I’ll say what you probably know: it sounds like you need to find a new job. It sounds like your co-workers have decided that you’re a creep. I’m going to guess that your approach to the 28-year-old woman was worse than you describe, she is totally creeped out, and her friends in the office have rallied around her.

Exactly what job do you have and what field did you major in?