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September 30, 2023 at 7:15 am #1125750

@WorriedFriend When people say social media isn’t real life, they don’t mean those moments never happened. What they mean is that people curate their feed. Social media is performative. People post their highlights so that their friends and family see only the best of the best. So sure, not everyone who goes abroad with their husband is on the brink of divorced — that was just an example of what people can easily hide with by picking and choosing what they share online. But on the flip side, just because they go abroad doesn’t mean their life is perfect. All it means is that they went abroad and took a nice photo. Also? While people may not be photoshopping every photo, they are often using filters that are built into these apps and there are options like FaceTune that can modify your appearance. You’d maybe find it interesting to visit some of the Instagram Vs. Reality trends.

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