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September 30, 2023 at 1:15 pm #1125755

Regular people post their best moments on Instagram, things that look good. You’re not seeing what’s going on with them the other 23 hours a day, and you don’t know how they’re really feeling. That’s why it’s not reality. And that’s just regular people. Influencers? What they post is definitely not reality. They are displaying whatever it is they need to display to *make money.* It is completely staged. They get paid to say they use products that they do not use. My friend at work is a product manager and was actually writing content for some mommy influencers’ sponsored posts to talk about life insurance with our brand on the post. One of the posts showed the mom and dad and kids waking up looking perfect and gorgeous with adorable matching PJs on and smiling as they got ready for the day, not a hair out of place. That is a performance. That is not real life. I agree with the recommendation to check out some “Insta vs Reality” accounts if you’re having trouble distinguishing.