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October 5, 2023 at 12:59 pm #1125867

i think ik what u r going thru. im a high schl student after all. maybe im wrong and u shld prolly follow the advice of others in this section but i think its not ur class, its u. u r prolly overthinking that ur classmates judge u and they r not interested in making friends but u cant know a person w just 1 look. i suggest you develop the confidence to break out of ur shell and make friends by initiating conversation, starting w ur deskmate. yes, ik the pain of seeing sm1 who u dont really know but hv met before but trust me, use this to ur advantage and start a convo with this as reference. its better to hv at least 1 friend than none. work on urself. it is hard to just spontaneously start talking. take time and ignore if any1 is actually judging u. hs doesnt matter all that much but try ur best to make at least 1 yr of it memorable. tbh, changing schls r like a relief for me because i used to be a quiet kid and was even bullied for that smtimes so when i changed schls, i decided to try my best to make friends. dont be afraid. know that u cant just wake up 1 day and hv the confidence to talk to a dozen ppl so just trust the process and work hard on ur social skills. i promise u will look back and smile for taking the lead instead if being the quiet kid.