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October 7, 2023 at 9:02 am #1125905

Hey guys. Thank u so much for all these valuable advices. I totally understand wut all of u r trying to say despite each of them being a different take on this situation.

@Copa i dont think its a crush exactly as a crush would involve actual feelings of interest. Idk wut to call it, i guess its more of me being uncomfortable because of how he looks (yes its wrong but i guess most girls my age r like this, including me) But wut u said in the end was so very true. Hs rlly isnt wut it is depicted in these films.

u r prolly right about the him being unusual = me feeling unusual. Ive seen his gfs and they r rlly different from me so i didnt expect him to hit on me so plainly. Also, this is the reason i feared the whole thing is a prank. And as u said in ur earlier comment, he was on the fence today abt this thing (i could see he was getting bored of this and he was starting to fat-shame me again). So i didn’t fight him/argue w him for this. I just tried my best to ignore his words and that somehow seemed to do the trick.

i luved this advice. it reminded me that even if this guy’s feelings are genuine or not, i cant comrpomise my time/mindset for him.

Overall, i can think a lot more clearly about this thing after reading ur responses. Thank u so much for helping me figure this out. Im going to try to deal w this on my own now that i hv all your advices. If i feel that things took a wrong turn, ill make sure to post here.

Tysm <3