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October 10, 2023 at 5:36 pm #1126168

We had some home expenses come up that have been a lot and I’m also cutting back on spending and not buying bags! I’m going on a trip with my mom and sister and I’m excited for it but my finances are currently a point of stress. Just sharing the sale cause it’s a good one and the L&S bags I’ve had have held up very well over the years.

I’m glad you were able to treat yourself a bit, @Anonymousse, but sorry you had a shitty bday day. That’s exciting about school and making some new friends, though.

I applied for a job with the state a few weeks ago. Today I got the strangest email to date in response to any application I’ve ever sent. It was an email letting me know I meet or exceed the minimum criteria for the role and I was given a numerical score on my application. The email went on to explain that the number I got is the equivalent of getting an A under their old applicant grading system. But that’s it so far. No interview request. The email invites applicants an to appeal their score/grade if they feel it’s not a reflection or their true fit for the role. Which seems odd. They don’t explain why or how you got your score, so I don’t know how anyone can appeal. We’ll see what happens. If I’m never invited to interview… at least I got an A?