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October 11, 2023 at 5:22 am #1126170

That is weird Copa – what do they hope to achieve with that crap?

Anon – I’m sorry you had such a shitty birthday. When I was about the same age I had an artist draw me a picture of a step stool because decided that it was time to “get over” my shit. While I still have the picture, I have not really gotten over my shit.

I too had a birthday recently, my mom convinced my sister, BIL and nephew to come for a visit as the kiddo and I share a birthday. I’m trying to ensure my nephew has a good cultural foundation so he slept over and we watched Clue. I don’t think he got all the jokes but it’s a start. I think I may have crumbled his world a little; he’s big into equality and social justice etc. and I asked him what music he likes and he started reading off his spotify list and I said that I wasn’t judging his choice in music, but it was odd that 95% of his favorite music were white men and that he may want to branch out a little. I sent him some suggestions like Ben Harper to help him out. He likes what I call “Earnest Young Man” music. Any suggestions are appreciated.