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October 24, 2023 at 4:23 pm #1126379

You cannot make it ‘work’ again. He wanted a docile, undemanding affair partner. You stood up for yourself and also spoke truths about his life and deficiencies. He needed you to unquestioningly accept the fantasy he spun, so that you were willing to date a married man. Actually, he also wanted someone who would tolerate a second affair partner, if she was long distance. You’re not that person. Be glad that you are not that person, shake off the remaining traces of the untruthful fantasy he helped create with you and MOA. Learn from this. I agree that he never loved you. He was never going to leave his wife. You were his diversion from his marriage. If he cared enough about you to want to actually live the fantasy, then he would have left his wife, the two of you would be living together, and there wouldn’t be a third woman as a LDR interest. From what you wrote, at some level you realize all of this. You devoted two years to this affair. In the end, he did not choose you.