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October 25, 2023 at 10:34 am #1126389

I use a retrinal (not rx), which I understand to be somewhere between a retinol and tretinoin. I use it probably every other night and my skin always looks more even in the morning.

In the past few months I’ve decided to change up my skincare routine a bit with the hopes of evening out of skin tone over time. I think it’s working. I added a glycolic acid serum to exfoliate a couple times/week. I was also curious about the new-ish skincare brand of the dermatologist I always cite on here, Dr. Shereene. I bought two of her PillowtalkDerm products. One is a depuffer that has a roller built in to apply the serum. I really like it for mornings I wake up looking puffy and am looking forward to seeing how it does on my upcoming vacation. I feel like my face always gets enormous on vacation. The other is a serum intended to fade dark spots and brighten the skin. It has a nice texture and I bring it up because it’s supposed to work well for melasma!