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October 25, 2023 at 2:08 pm #1126394

I just started to incorporate tretinoin into my routine – I use the lowest strength, 0.025%. I went to the dermatologist a month ago and I asked her about a small area of melasma on my chin, and she suggested the tret plus adding zinc sunblock into my routine. I always wear sunblock but I realized that what I use doesn’t have zinc in it! I have fair skin, freckles, and haven’t had many texture or acne issues. In my early 20’s i used Retin-A and it was horrible- my skin flaked off and was red and sensitive. I think the low dose tret seems to be working – no negative side effects and I think the melasma is lightening already! I have also been using it elsewhere on my face, as the doc said it is great for anti-aging. We’ll see!