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November 3, 2023 at 7:32 am #1126479

Unrelated to anything, but since some of you are around my age, you might relate: perimenopause has been kicking my ass, and among some of the unpleasant symptoms I’ve had that I only just realized is related to perimenopause, I’ve been having recurrent UTIs. I’ve had four in the past 12 months that required antibiotics, and one of those even became a kidney infection that nearly got my hospitalized. Even when I don’t have symptoms, at-home tests and the tests I get through this clinical trial I’m doing for alopecia meds always show bacteria that suggest a brewing UTI.

Anyway, I saw my primary care dr about it this week and she prescribed estrogen cream for me to take, so I just started that. Anyone else on it, and has it been a good thing for you? At the very least, I hope it reduces the frequency of these UTIs, but if it can help with some of the other symptoms that plummeting estrogen in perimenopause as led to for me (like sleep issues, night sweats, belly fat, dry hair and skin, and mood swings), I would be thrilled.