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November 3, 2023 at 9:08 am #1126485

Copa, I might be too late but you could download a white noise app and blast that and hope it drowns it out in addition to the earplugs. I had such anxiety about any sound my kids made when they were babies, I wouldn’t sleep until I caved and got a white noise machine and for some reason I need earplugs, so that’s how I sleep every night. I can go without and do, but if I have white noise and an ear plug, I can pass out anytime in my darkened bedroom. Unfortunately, I am the snorer. I never knew until my husband. He snores sometimes but not like what you’re describing.

Once in elementary school, I slept over at a friends house. We’re sleeping in her living room, and her dad was snoring so loudly in a bedroom far away, that I stopped breathing for a minute or two to see if it was me making the sound! I could not believe how loud it was and everyone else slept soundly.