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November 13, 2023 at 10:38 am #1126607

I did House of Color! You can find stylists by zip code.

Last week I went to an all-day event for work, which is why I was on the hunt for a long-lasting foundation in the first place. I ran into a guy from grad school who was my then-boyfriend’s close friend at the time (unsure if they’ve kept in touch), and also happens to be friends with a different guy we all went to school with who, when I moved here, slid into my DMs and has been talking to himself in there since probably 2016. I left FB a few years ago, but the messenger function is separate, so I still have that. He consistently reached out every six or so months despite never receiving a response. The last message I received on FB was maybe last spring that said “I’m watching a video that you’re in right now.” Creepy!? So I temporarily reactivated my FB account just to delete this guy from my friend list and block him from being able to contact me. Within a couple weeks I had a LinkedIn request from him. Anyway, the mutual friend I ran into last week was always very kind, but I was still kinda anxious when I recognized him during a presentation. We hadn’t seen each other in probably a decade and I don’t know what he’s heard about me over the years from my ex and the random guy. We caught up after the event and I worried over nothing. He’s still a nice guy and it was good to catch up a bit.

ETA: Maybe I’m totally conceited thinking this guy from grad school has heard anything about me. LOL. But my ex cheated on me and proceeded to be gossipy about our breakup after. Like, to the point that I saw a friend of his post to his FB wall making fun of me by quoting something I’d said to him during our breakup followed by a “BAHAHAHA,” and a friend forwarded me an unprompted email he’d sent her trying to explain his side of things. I do not miss FB. Or the elements of grad school that made it feel a lot more like middle school…

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