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November 17, 2023 at 2:30 pm #1126668

“a little while later, they found out (through a mutual friend) they were attracted to each other at some point (Note, we were kind of together at this point). ”

This makes no sense. Who is the ‘they’ to which you refer? Yourself, your bf, your bf and this other woman?

And what does “we were kind of together at this point” mean? It sounds like you weren’t actually together but wanted to be. Unless both you and your bf both agree that you’re together, you aren’t. If you were together and one of you has called for a break (then you either break up or agree rules of the break) or you had a fight and sort-of broke up, you’re not together.

You sound unhappy in this sort of relationship, so I think you should go straight to MOA.