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November 25, 2023 at 5:48 pm #1126803

Ahhh yes, the ever-single man who talks about women, actual other human beings as “females,” as if there’s something inherently different about them. As if we’re a totally different species. It’s really dehumanizing.

That might be your problem right there. I find that men who call women “females,” have also started down the rabbit hole of incel, women-hating, anti-feminist bullshit. Treat women as other people and maybe ask your friends and family for tips. Do not ask women why they won’t date you or be rude to women. I suggest therapy or a dating coach. You may think it’s nothing, but I can tell you women pick up on the tiniest things you say and do. If you talk about women as a whole like “women won’t date me, women don’t like to talk to me, females that are foreign will.” Can you see that? We are not all the same. If no woman local will date you, what is going on that is putting women off?

If you’re unattractive, that doesn’t matter. Stop blaming it on looks, it’s probably your personality, sorry to say. Supermodel hot women date men that look like dogs. You need to treat women well and maybe work on being funny. Being respectful and not crude is key.