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November 25, 2023 at 6:14 pm #1126804

Well our culture tends to push the narrative that all men are evil. So maybe it’s the American culture that has brought hatred for men. After all it is only normal for a lady to want a man. It seems that the culture today brands the name woman as if that is a bad term. Anonymousse it could be you follow Marxist rhetoric and that is unfortunate for you. Maybe you could go to some counseling yourself. Like learning how to not be such a hateful person you seem to be. After all today’s culture is steamed from colleges and universities pushing liberal socialism which is communism. So I suggest you should seek to get therapy for your hatred for the term females or woman which the liberal Marxist hates. I’m guessing your not a female. Maybe trans. I suggest you change your attitude towards nen. Because you’ll end up hurting a man the way you are going