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November 25, 2023 at 7:13 pm #1126808

…and it’s not just that you’re conservative. Let’s dissect what you managed to reveal about yourself in just one single paragraph.

“Well our culture tends to push the narrative that all men are evil. So maybe it’s the American culture that has brought hatred for men.”

• You prove you have no media literacy skills.

“Anonymousse it could be you follow Marxist rhetoric and that is unfortunate for you. Maybe you could go to some counseling yourself.”

• You jump to conclussions about people who have revealed nothing about themselves.
• You don’t know what Marxism is but won’t let that stop you from calling other people Marxist.

“Like learning how to not be such a hateful person you seem to be.”

“I’m guessing your not a female. Maybe trans. I suggest you change your attitude towards nen. Because you’ll end up hurting a man the way you are going ”

• You don’t know the difference between “your and “you’re”
• You think trans is an insult
• You offer unsolicited advice to people you yourself solicited for advice
• You see criticism as hate, even when you were the one who asked for advice. This tells us you have the durability of a gentle snowflake.

“After all today’s culture is steamed from colleges and universities pushing liberal socialism which is communism.”

• I have no idea what any of this means, but I know that it’s the blogosphere talking.

Like bro, what are you doing here? You came here asking for advice and got it and then went off on weird right wing talking points. Do you do this in real life? Would you talk to Anonymousse that way if she were standing right in front of you? Do you really think you can act this way on the internet and it’s not leaking in to your in-person interactions?

You need a media detox, because whatever it is you are consuming is making you into a really unlikable person.