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December 1, 2023 at 7:52 pm #1126908

I remember you saying how much extra work you had. I’m glad you spoke up and advocated for yourself. If you’re not that person’s manager, I wouldn’t say anything. If you were, I would.

Good luck with the job searches! I hope 2024 treats yous well on the occupation front. All fronts. But I remember you’ve been looking so the job front especially.

Since I’m in marketing at an engineering firm, it’s really hard to move up. You basically have to wait for someone to leave to take on a bigger role. Well, the time is here. The head marketing honcho in my region announced her retirement. My direct manager is the favored out of about 7 people. If she wants it/gets it, I’m the likely candidate for her position. My competition already said she didn’t want it and fully supports reporting to me. Fingers crossed!!! And id still be able to report to my manager. She’s the only manager in my 20-yr career I’ve truly respected and liked and appreciated.