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December 11, 2023 at 8:19 pm #1127050

I have a question that I don’t think is serious enough for it’s own thread, so I thought I’d pose it to the group here.

So post-divorce, I’m having a little trouble navigating what level of contact is ok with family and friends where the relationship originated through my ex. Like, if while we were married I considered them friends even though I only knew them through the ex, is it ok to maintain occasional contact? Is it ok to send a Holiday card?

When it comes to the ex’s family, the ex basically estranged herself from most of her family as we were getting divorced and they’ve kept in touch a bit with me anyways, so I assume that’s probably ok. But any time I have a conversation with a friend of the ex I feel a bit guilty, like I’m breaking some kind of unwritten rule. But at the same time, I considered a lot of these people my friend previously and I’d like them to know that I still think of them fondly at the very least.

For reference, the ex and I divorced quickly and reasonably amicably, but I cut contact completely and blocked her everywhere possible for my own mental health.

Am I overthinking this?