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December 14, 2023 at 6:57 am #1127081

I am glad that you’re moving forward. I’m struck by what your mom said about your siblings moving out “well they didn’t want to be here anyway” that says so so so much about your parents and I don’t think you need to discuss further with your mom.

My interpretation of that statement is two-fold: 1. if they wanted to be here, they’d follow the rules and put up with the vile crap that spews from your father and 2. If they don’t want to be here, then I don’t want them here. That’s an amazing combination of callousness, authoritarianism and indifference to have with a child. It’s clear that your parents don’t see children as individuals.

P.S. I saw your post on Reddit and saw that you got almost identical comments – I hope that you’re beginning to see that your father’s behavior is not normal. Not normal at all.