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December 14, 2023 at 9:42 pm #1127104

Oh! I was on an Amtrak train earlier with iffy Internet and had missed a bunch of comments somehow when I posted.

Um, yeah. @TacoTuesday IP isn’t always super precise in terms of location in my experience (e.g., my work IP used to pinpoint me to the suburbs of my city and still may), but when you use the same internet connection, the IP address does not change. So anytime I’m at work, the IP address is consistent even if I switch from my phone to my laptop. When I go home and post from there, the IP will change. Right now I’m at a hotel, it’d be different from both of the usual IP addresses associated with my account. IP is based on Internet connection.

Anyway. There’s nothing cowardly about putting space between yourself and a person, place, or thing that is harming you. I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way in this life and a big one is this: The need to be understood by people who consistently show you that they can barely understand themselves or have no desire to understand you will handcuff you to the most painful people and relationships. It’s fine to try to talk to a parent and try to make them see you. But when you receive a response that shows you they don’t want to understand you, the answer isn’t to continue having phone calls or writing a letter. The answer is distance and boundaries. And you really ought to be doing this with the help of a therapist.