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December 15, 2023 at 7:10 am #1127106

I can’t give you any advice because I have no idea what your real situation is, and the advice I give could be harmful. I do know there’s zero point in trying to have a dialogue with parents about how you felt about their actions growing up. The thing to do is to get out of there and then only engage with them on the terms that feel comfortable to you.

I don’t want anything from you except to stop wasting peoples time on here. You said one day around 6-9 months ago that you had moved out that day/week and were sitting in your new apartment. It’s impossible that that was true because your ip was, digit for digit, identical to that of your earlier posts at your parents’. IPs change all the time as you move locations. It could not have stayed identical if you were 45 mins away on cellular or new WiFi. That’s a fact. I think maybe you want to move out. You definitely know we want you to move out and get therapy, and you wouldn’t be the first poster to claim you did those things in order to shut us up so you could then keep us focused on whatever topic has your brain stuck on such a loop that you’ll write numerous posts coming at it from every angle including pretending to be other people (your dad for example, your mom).

Your dad is abusive and your mom is an enabler from what you’ve written. You need to be working with a therapist who specializes in familial abuse and SA. Please look up a list of therapists thru your health insurance and call a few of them. Someone will get back to you. Leave a message that says you’re an adult trying to leave an abusive home situation.