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December 15, 2023 at 12:48 pm #1127108

It’s *possible* that TT is using a VPN to connect to work or something like that, which might cause their IP might show as the same regardless of physical location. Unlikely? Maybe. But it’s not impossible. I’m willing to take them at their word here anyways. But given OP’s repeated posts under different usernames I understand other people’s skepticism.

In my experience, I think you’ll discover that once you leave a toxic situation like with your parents, the more you’ll start to realize how toxic that situation was. The more distance you have, the more clear the situation will appear and you will wonder how you tolerated it for so long. Navigating that with a therapist is essential in the long term.

Regardless of if you’re moved out or not, the end advice is the same: Stay away + therapy. Build a good life with a healthy social circle. Your mom will not be of help to you as long as your dad is a part of her life and probably longer.