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December 20, 2023 at 6:37 am #1127182

@Copa nooooo u got it wrong. He isnt from my high school, hes from my neighborhood. Its a big neighborhood where not everyone knows each other so its not surprising that he brought a friend
Also, that night wasn’t rlly a date. We were just getting to know each other and i didn’t try flirting w him right from the start. The befriending the girl thing might not be the best idea but i want her to trust me so that the guy doesn’t run away (even idk if im making sense 😭). But i understand how a third person might make him think that im not rlly interested in him. So maybe ill spend more one on one time w him. About the social media thing,….ummm i have a mum who, by today’s generation atleast, can be considered strict so she doesn’t rlly go with the “hanging out online” concept. If i had a boyfriend, she’d want me to go talk to him irl. I think its cuz of all the cybercrime sh!t that’s happening recently. Idk. So yea, i am not allowed to have social media as a means of communicating w a guy.

ur definitely right. I survive on one braincell so i took it the wrong way and thought of being a fake friend but like the other two replies after ur second one said, its mean and she probably feels used. So i was thinking of gaining her trust by being a nice, genuine friend without compromising much time w the guy so that things go in a balance??? I was gonna ask for his number but maybe as a friend because i feel its a bit early to just go be like, “listen up, i like u!!”. And yea u got it right, i have just been inviting her cuz she usually brings this guy w her. My mind is messed up, i know. But i will tell him i like him maybe after one week of talking to him. Im not scared to ask or confess its just that i want him to know me before making a decision. And if i just straight up tell him i like him, there’s a gud chance he might say no because he would also feel that i made my decision without rlly knowing much about him. Idk about u but instead of jumping right into a relationship by confessing, its best to know the person as they would express themselves without the relationship label attached. It just feels natural and right to me. Everything else u said made sense tho.

Im going to put this advice to use and give an update day after tmrw ❣️