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December 24, 2023 at 8:05 am #1127241

At the beginning of this thread though, you said your mom HAS talked to you directly about this stuff she’s upset about (being distant, maybe talking to your half siblings again), and you discussed it with her. Also if you did commit to drive by and check on their house, and forgot to do it, I can see them being annoyed.

But shit talking a kid who’s left (sure. Let’s assume you did, at some point after that time you said you were finally in your new apt but had the same ip as before). They’ve been doing this your entire life! It’s horrible parenting but is it surprising?? They’re even looking for reasons to call you a whore! Just like they did to your sisters.

Stop driving yourself crazy expecting something different that they can’t give you and spend your time working on yourself with a professional.