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December 24, 2023 at 4:46 pm #1127248

“Bowl I made (priceless)” Yes, copa!!!

We’re having a less extravagant christmas this year than in years past now that they are older. I literally locked myself in my bedroom today and wrapped everything. Usually we, (and by we I mean my husband) wraps everything Christmas Eve night because by that point I’ve had a mental breakdown and can’t function. This year, it didn’t happen and I set him up for a pleasant night. I probably spent $150 or more a kid. Plus they get other gifts. Yes, I have a problem. For my husband I got a wooden spoon because he lost his favorite one- I think it was accidentally thrown away at a party. I also got him really nice shoes. I know he got me a nice handmade ring by an artist in Philly and probably a lot of chocolate. My daughter got almost exclusively squishmallows ir squishmallow branded stuff and art supplies. My son games. STEM and robotic stuff.

LOL I seriously woke up having a nightmare that my children were waking me up because “Grandpa is on the phone!” It sounds dramatic but I hate how all the crazy people I have spent all year avoiding come out of the woodwork on already stressful holidays only. Also, he won’t call and hasn’t called because my father is less emotionally mature than my 8 year old.

My FIL literally plopped hosting in my lap a few days ago and I said yes but then said, actually No thanks. We haven’t heard from anyone in awhile and I don’t feel like shelling out for everyone on a substitute teachers salary.

I am trying to think how I can get the jump on this for next year. Going on vacation and turning my phone off seems like a great idea.