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December 25, 2023 at 10:35 pm #1127270

My god. Why cares?!? Who cares what your deranged parents say about you? It is time to move on. Why are you still engaging? Stop doing that and then telling us how badly it went. It’s not going to go well! You’re not going to get closure. You do need to get therapy! The games Kate is referring to- I don’t know but just maybe she’s referring to the many times you have come on pretending to be your mom, dad, maybe a sibling, for all I know half of what you’re saying is lies.

Talking to your siblings really is not the way to go about this. Not everyone wants to talk about their sexually abusive father at the drop of a hat. Like stopping by your sister’s house sounds great but maybe don’t bring up dad calling her a ho? Maybe don’t bring up how he kicked her out as soon as he found out she had sex or whatever other creepy tidbit. This king of trauma can keep hurting people unless they are ready to discuss it and it’s not up to you to decide when that is. You need to stop looking for closure from the people who were damaged by your parents or are your parents and get to a therapist. You may need years of therapy- I did. It feels good now though and I’m able to handle my life without asking why all the time.

Merry Christmas