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December 29, 2023 at 1:34 am #1127320

Im gonna try to answer all ur replies cuz there’s a whole truckload of em since i haven’t been able to respond.

First off, i only said it was unlikely for ppl younger than 15 to enter an advice forum cuz most of the time, i only see ppl in their 20s and older ask for advice. Maybe its specific to a certain website but idk much about advice forums since this is like, my second time being on one. Also, i had my first crush at 14 cuz ig i only caught those feelings at that time. Most of the people i know are the same and ive only seen 12 yr olds having crushes in movies lol. So @Anonymousse pls dont take wut i said about that as an insult cuz it was only a joke about how naive i was when i was 12. Obviously these kind of things r different for everyone but know that i was just making a joke because i wouldnt purposely insult some1 or twist their words if they’re taking the time to help me out.

To answer @copacabananut (idk if i should be side-eyeing that username or not lmao), I’ve seen so many ppl bring a friend on their dates when they’re in an official relationship so this isnt that surprising cuz we were just hanging out as friends the first time. But during the Christmas party, i got to talk to him alone and it was fun. I also met some of his other friends (mostly guys) but it was only an introduction and not a long conversation. Keeping that aside, i rlly like wut u and @Kate said. Im gonna try that the next time i talk to him. Its a great way of knowing if some1 likes u without confessing.

I know its odd that i talked to him for 6 hours, especially when i didn’t know him or his friend that well, but honestly, our holidays had started and there was a lot of time to kill that day so we didn’t even realise that a part of the day got over till my mom called me asking if i had run away lol.

About the social media thing, i tend to get distracted very easily so if i had any access to social media i bet i would still be digging the grave of my test scores. Most of my friends communicate via social media apps so its a bit hard to connect w them other than thru text. But other than that, id say its a win for me because i have been focusing on my work more ever since my parents enforced this.

So yea, i think thats all. I hope i was able to answer everything concisely. Thx again for everyone’s opinions on this and i hope all of u have a great New Year ❤️.