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January 1, 2024 at 11:58 am #1127363

I surprised your therapist isn’t giving you tools for that, or helping you to see that men who use you like this are abusing you. It might be better to see a new therapist- one who is actively supporting healthy choices for you. How often do you see this person? Have they really helped you change your life in a positive way? It doesn’t sound like it.

Why do you think you allow a man to touch you all over like he does? If you were married to a man like that, would you want to know your husband was fondling other women, constantly?

I am perplexed by this behavior compared to the last post you wrote and your admitted puritanical views on porn. I mean, I think it’s an interesting double standard. You don’t have to answer to me, at all however I think it would be good to ask yourself these things and do some serious reflection here. Why is being treated as a sexual plaything seen as “friendly” behavior to you? Why did you restart this “friendship”/sexual thing that’s making you feel so bad?

I hope you find a better therapist in this new year and focus more on your daughter and your healing. You do not need a man in your life while you heal.

I am not looking at you to explain to me, you don’t have to explain anything but I think you should think about your upbringing and your relationship with men and maybe take a break from guys for awhile and in the meantime, find a great therapist.