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January 2, 2024 at 1:12 am #1127371

@Anonymousse with all due respect, u need to chill. I know u r older than me and I’d like to respect that age gap even though we’re online and are anonymous but the problem i had is fixed. What i said aren’t exactly inconsistencies, they’re just many reasons for one action that my parents decided to do to which i complied. Maybe America’s different (im assuming ur american, given the fact ur so worked up about how i dont have social media) but norms are different in different countries cuz maybe there arent strict cyber laws everywhere and some just dont wanna take the risk? And it is normal for parents to monitor their teens’ social media activity. They trust their kids and know that they can take care of themselves online and aren’t really worried about sites where u dont have to create an account but for the situations where u do have to, its just easier for others to hack and for u to get distracted. Sure, u see 17 yr olds thirst-trapping on instagram, most of the time without their parents knowledge through spam accounts with restricted access, but ofc no one’s gonna talk about that cuz its “normal”. But u see sm1 living a decent life, suddenly things dont add up? Im not even complaining about it, i just mentioned that i cant always interact with people online through accounts but now its been made a problem.

About the ACTUAL problem, i said i TRIED to invite her in the hopes of seeing the guy, which doesn’t work i agree, but she never accepted the invite so it never happened. It was only in the first meeting where he brought a friend and thats prolly cuz he didn’t know me that well and im just some person who said hi i see u around often, wanna hang out?. Who knows?! And i did tell you why i spent six hours chatting w him. There was a lot of time to kill and we found the conversations we had interesting. Maybe u cant relate but its literally just that and im not making anything up.

Ur advice is top tier, but it’d help if you were a bit more respectful and not try to see everything through a single perspective. Either way, i got his number and things seem to be looking up so everyone’s advice worked.