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January 2, 2024 at 10:18 am #1127396

Yeah, your “counselor” can only give you advice but no counselor in her right mind would suggest trying to set boundaries with your nice, married, older, male friend. My therapist calls me out on my bullshit. You’re an adult woman, and you’re unsure if this is sexual harassment? If he’s sexually interested in you?

Is he your sugar daddy that you stopped seeing when you were dating your ex, who told you this guy was inappropriate, so it’s not like that idea was a new one for you??

I also don’t think most people with a really great, qualified therapist need to go to online forums for simple issues like this. Anyone could tell you what we’ve told you. Anyone, your daughter, your mother, any friend, any counselor or therapist would keep want to keep you from further mental damage. That’s what constant sexual harassment is. I am seriously worried about your child, you don’t seem to give a shit about yourself, is she okay? Your tone is ne of mild annoyance and of someone used to upbeing used by men for a lifetime.