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January 5, 2024 at 6:01 pm #1127508

Cancel the engagement and break up with this guy. He has revealed how little respect he has for you and how little he cares about your health and safety. You are definitely not safe with the father and possibly not with your bf, since he craves his father’s approval. Your bf interrupted your treatment of your finger in the cool ocean and ordered you back into the house? Why? Because his father wanted the opportunity to throw you out, as it was unacceptable that you would leave of your own volition before the father had finished with you? Quite the power-play the two of them pulled on you. You were injured and neither of them seems to have cared. You had a multiple hour drive back home before being allowed to finish your first-aid self-treatment.

If you stay, you can expect more of the same. He’s not about to give up his father, like the rest of his family did. That suggests he is comfortable with his father’s actions and that after the marriage he will expect his father to be part of your joint lives. If his father’s prior and current actions don’t totally turn him off, is he a candidate for multiple children with multiple women, since this was apparently ok for dad?

It is easier to leave now than after you are married. You will be neither happy nor safe with this guy.

The lame apology, not in the presence of his father, means nothing.