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Miss MJ
January 8, 2024 at 2:42 pm #1127539

I mean, these are rude questions/comments, but I don’t think they rise to the level of anger you’re putting out there, you know? Your co-worker is annoying and lacks the emotional intelligence necessary to recognize very basic work-place boundaries. Unfortunately, that’s not at all uncommon – I once had a human resources manager pull up the back of my suit jacket to see the label when she asked what designer it was (spoiler: it was like Express or something – first job out of school – and she was quite disappointed). Some people are just off and life is easier if you just chalk that up to being Weird Jane in Accounting as opposed to being really about you because I’m betting she’s Weird Jane to everyone. You can try to undertake the emotional labor of educating her about workplace norms and how it’s frowned upon to talk about others’ eating habits or ages at work, but it’s probably not worth the effort, tbh, and she’ll get all “offended” and whatnot. I’d just limit my interactions with her to what is necessary for my work, keep it professional at all times and roll my eyes at her as needed.