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January 9, 2024 at 1:39 pm #1127553

IDK how someone who can’t rein it in ends up in a leadership role. I do think we all project onto others in a variety of ways from time to time, but she keeps at it even knowing there’s an HR investigation and after coaching. Oof.

I’ve not experienced much weight or size talk/comparison at work. Our HR woman ate a yogurt while going over policies with me when I was at our HQ for onboarding, then spoke at length about the diet she was on and how she had to eat that yogurt at that specific time. This was my first day of work here, it was weird. I’ve also overheard one coworker comment on a former coworker’s weight loss on multiple occasions, even overheard her telling our former coworker that she had lost too much weight. I think we all assumed the former coworker was shredding for the wedding, and maybe she was. But a month or so after her wedding, her dad passed… so maybe the weight loss was grief. IDK, I’ve had enough issues around food and body image that I’ve worked hard to work through — never a diagnosable ED, but definitely some iffy behaviors around wanting to eat “clean” — that I don’t comment on food or weight, not even before people started to understand why it can be harmful.