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January 10, 2024 at 3:56 pm #1127564

On the subject of colds, I caught a nasty one around Thanksgiving, which came with two ear infections. I’m going back to the doctor tonight after work because my right ear is still messed up.

Stretching/mobility is a great goal! I always say I’m going to, never really do.

We’re trying to get better at meal planning and prepping, too. I was the queen of it when I lived by myself, but since moving in with the boyfriend, we never quite got into a good groove. I’d like to make our lives a little easier, save a little on groceries, and eat fewer ultra processed foods.

ETA: Oh! And I pulled the trigger on a few Typology products — concealer, tinted serum, and tinted lip oil — and will report back though nobody has asked. Haha.

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