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January 11, 2024 at 1:05 pm #1127574

Hope all who are feeling under the weather get well soon. FWIW my dad and brother got the booster, I think the XBB, and they both still got COVID, my brother in December and my dad just now. It was both their first time. I’m hoping the vaccines helped a bit. I also got a cough/cold this past week. An expired COVID test said I was negative.

My family has recommended using a neti pot or saline rinse. I just started last night. Not sure if I have the benefits yet but people like it.

We don’t meal plan. I’m not sure if I could do a plan for all days of the week. I’d like to get some more meals in the freezer for rotation. I totally agree about accounting for leftovers, copa!

Generally we shop what’s on sale in the flyer and that kind of dictates what we make, particularly vegetables. In the summer we’d go to the farmers market and get inspired by what’s there. We buy meat on sale and freeze it. On Friday we try to start thawing one meat and we make one meal on Sunday which might last Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday we might do a pasta. By Friday we do chicken fingers or fish sticks in the air fryer. I realize that’s processed but it’s more economical than eating out.

I’d like to incorporate more plant based food in our diet? Like beans. My husband has Crohn’s so fibrous stuff is not awesome but I think if it’s cooked enough it’s ok.