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January 11, 2024 at 4:59 pm #1127576

Glad you’re doing better, L, it sounds like you were pretty sick. I feel like it’s affecting me mentally. I had a crying jag today, and I only cry like a couple times a year. And I feel kind of depressed and also can’t focus. My husband and I are both irritable too, like we can’t handle anything.

It sucks because there’s no Covid benefits at work anymore, they took them away a while back, and no one cares, they are like oh that sucks, but they expect you to work through it. My boss is away so I’ve been working directly with her boss, who pinged me and my coworker (who’s out today helping her dad who had triple bypass surgery) asking us to do some budget analysis. Like, come on. It says right there she’s OOO, and you know I’m sick.