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January 12, 2024 at 10:22 am #1127579

It has been weird post COVID and sickness. We are in the office. Mainly like pre COVID if I had a sore throat I’d still come in. During COVID I wouldn’t. Now, I do. I don’t mask (and nobody else does) but I probably should. I do wish we could go back a bit and have people respect when you are sick.

I haven’t really written in this thread about my work stuff. I’ve been at the same job for eight years. Over the last four years I’ve known it’s not where I want to be. I finally applied for a job for the first time. I’ve been selected for an interview. I am happy but also freaking out a bit. It is a 40 min drive against traffic which is not insignificant. My commute is 20 min right now. I also need to find out more about the job.

Also my husband and I are trying to start a family. I know you’re not supposed to make too many changes at once. But I don’t want to stop career/family for either. Anyway we will see where this all goes..!