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January 12, 2024 at 11:11 am #1127580

My company is good about being flexible with WFH when under the weather. I know people have been sent home as recently as this week for coming in under the weather. But I still face similar issues to pre-COVID. Namely, that work doesn’t stop for illness. I was in rough shape the week after Thanksgiving, but had an end-of-month deadline. So I was allowed/encouraged to WFH, but still had to work.

Good luck with your interview @hfantods! You can take the approach I have to the handful of interviews I had last calendar year: It’s just information seeking for now. You’re in a good spot to see if the fit is right for you since you are gainfully employed. I was hopeful for a job last spring (that I did not end up getting), and honestly I was a bit relieved not to get it… I was uneasy about having to get a car and nearly doubling my commute time when right now I have a door-to-door public transit commute of about 35 minutes.

I’m pretty sure both companies I interviewed with in December are ghosting me. Or still ramping things back up after the holidays. Either way is fine. One felt like a dream company but not the right job. The other felt like the right job but they were candid that the environment is “tough” with lots of micromanaging from the top, and we revisited salary expectations after my panel interview… they can’t even match my salary! Not interested in leaving for a shitty environment for less pay.