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January 13, 2024 at 1:08 pm #1127594

For those of you who may remember the clusterfuck that turned out to be my last company, where I was accused of bullying after I sent a junior employee an email asking her to speak up if she needed more time or guidance to complete assignments after she missed a deadline, that was a job where I feel like the interviewers were professionally and politely talking around the chaotic environment and absolutely astonishing turnover. And I could tell! But I was excited to get an offer and more money, and they did a good job of hyping up the good (there was some). Lesson learned the hard way. I’ve heard enough messed up stories about other people’s companies that I’m often like, “Yeah, I’ll just stick it out in my underwhelming but relaxed job.” I don’t miss having an angry manager who walked around with a baseball bat.