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January 15, 2024 at 11:56 am #1127637

I keep telling my husband he shouldn’t give her money when she is so disrespectful and nasty to me. He yells and screams, he’ll do what he wants. Yes, he also has a terrible temper and is a very difficult, nasty person. I think he should have my back. Although, he never has my back.

You married someone who yells and screams, and doesn’t respect you. It’s no surprise to me that your daughter behaves the exact same way, because that is how she has been taught by BOTH of you to treat you. She is in her mid twenties and he is choosing to support her.

Why have you stayed with a man who never has your back and yells and screams at you? You don’t seem very happy and don’t seem to enjoy your family, except for your grandchild.

Perhaps you could start going to therapy and discussing this with a professional.