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January 16, 2024 at 4:27 pm #1127732

Copa, who was the Tik tok gal who mentioned Dear Wendy? A couple weeks ago, there were two or three old columns that I posted on FB over the course of ten days or so that really riled ppl up. I haven’t had so many people call me terrible things since like 2014 before the first mass exodus of DW commenters. I wonder if the Tik Tok gal chose one of those columns (I’m betting yes).

It’s funny, because I pick a few old columns every day to edit and get ready to post on Fb (and posting there once a day gets me thousands and thousands of views here, so it’s worth my time!). Sometimes the advice I gave ten years ago is so different than what I would say now. I usually will re-write my advice to better reflect the wisdom I’ve gained and how the culture has changed, but sometimes there are still some columns, even after I edit, that don’t pass the vibe check, I guess, especially with Gen Z. 🥴