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January 19, 2024 at 8:16 am #1127757

Agree – you have to figure out what is actually going to make you happy. Home ownership provides some financial stability, but I don’t think it leads to happiness. For most people it alleviates one stress, but brings other stresses for home management and maintenance.

I can’t imagine being in my 20’s & 30’s in today’s world. We thought fashion magazines were damaging to the psyche. Today you’re bombarded with the same level of fake but from so many more angles. And picking through the real and the fake is harder than ever. You know that person who has the perfect IG pics spends an inordinate amount of time posing and reposing, missing the actual world around them. The perfect pic of food is eaten cold because it took so long to get the right shot. And the amount of filters and photoshop – oy vey.

What I’m inelegantly saying is that you should not measure yourself against your peer group. You should not compare your life to social media. And don’t let other people tell you what will make you happy. Their happiness could be seven children, your ultimate happiness may be always having your favorite brand of ice cream in your freezer.