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January 20, 2024 at 9:13 pm #1127792

You’ll leave him, do some reflection and hopefully if something like this ever happens again, you don’t forgive that:

“He cheated on me 1 month into us dating but said he did because he didn’t know how he felt about me yet & was worried about my health issue I have. I decided to forgive him because at the time it seemed like he was just confused by things.”

He was so worried about your health concern, he fell into someone else’s bed? (that’s not what I wanted to write, but seriously!?!?) He showed you very early who he is and you accepted him and forgave him. There are some issues you need to figure out. When you are far out of this relationship, see a therapist to figure out why you’d accept this man who treats you this badly. I’m glad you’re at your moms, maybe you should stay there?