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January 23, 2024 at 3:23 am #1127823

1) let’s wave a magic wand: your boyfriend is now kind, loving, & respectful. You’re still not a match: he likes big groups, you’re happy with a few close friends; he needs a group to travel with, you’re willing to go solo; he’s happy working part-time and partying (he’s spent all his 20s so far doing this, and I get it’s been a shit few years for young people), while you are working full-time and working towards getting a job you want.
2) “Females” is the word you used to mean women (I hope not girls). I’d guess this is how your boyfriend refers to women: he’s been suckled at the poisonous moobs of the manosphere
3) which is why he’s not ‘embarrassed’ your job/dream role doesn’t ‘empower women’, he’s trying to shame you into training for a job that pays well enough that he can sponge off you indefinitely (all while telling you you’re shit for not wanting material things)
4) This guy is not the life and soul of the party: at best, he’s Fun Bobby from the excellent movie Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion
5) Finally, you say “I know I should leave him, but….” This is what’s known as the “Yes, but” game, and the saying goes, “everything before the but is bollocks” (British slang for testicles, signifying a pile of crap). Are you here for permission to stay or go?
[Disclaimer: not all moobs are poisonous, male genitalia are not to be derided, but ^ndr3w T8 is]