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January 30, 2024 at 3:32 pm #1127940

Soo. You blocked your mom on Facebook, but what has your real-life contact with her looked like over the years? Have you limited it/do you plan to? Yes, your mom sounds difficult, but your issue with her is in real life, not online, so I’m not sure what kind of point you’re trying to make by blocking a nonagenarian on social media. I don’t think blocking her online is making the point you think it’s making.

Additional context would help me decide if I think it is “off” that your fiance reminisced with his friends about his ex right in front of you. Like, are these group photos of the good ol’ days and she just happens to be in ’em? Because that’s different from, IDK, whipping out old honeymoon pics and saying he misses her or whatever. I’d find the latter weird, but not the former.

I keep mushy cards from past relationships. I’m sure there are old photos on the Cloud, maybe some in print somewhere. Keeping/having access to these mementos aren’t a sign I haven’t moved on from past loves, but I don’t bring them out to reminisce (alone or with others).

Anyway, respect is huge in relationships and if you sincerely feel your fiance behaves disrespectfully toward you, I’d second the suggestion to consider couples counseling before you lock it down. If you haven’t already sought therapy to process your childhood abuse, it’d benefit you. That kind of trauma is real and can be triggered by seemingly silly thing (for me anyway), but having a trained professional to listen, validate, and develop coping mechanisms for those high stress moments is very helpful.