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February 2, 2024 at 11:08 am #1127998

I was more of a question or rationalization for why your mom had set up things as she did. But of the expenses that you laid out – what are you considering upkeep and maintenance? Again, if we’re talking about upkeep like lawncare or cleaning or recaulking the tub, I would put that into the category of normal household costs and nothing that should require your mom to change her will to give you a larger share.

However, if maintenance and upkeep includes things like buying a new garage door, having the roof repaired, or putting in new carpet or flooring, or dealing with a leak and all of the repairs, then yes, that should be counted as investing in the property and that should be discussed because you are putting money into someone else’s property (your mom) and your brother isn’t and when the house is sold, the value is directly related to the repairs or refurbishing you’ve paid for – so he would get the benefit with none of the cost.