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February 5, 2024 at 8:44 pm #1128030

Sorry, to be clear I meant, if you think it’s worth a shot maybe plan a come to Jesus intervention with your dad or another qualified adult. She can not tell you that your family is rude and expect you to take her side. And if it is between your child and husband, and her, she’s going to lose. I expect this is what is making her lash out and act this way. You will no longer be devoted to her, the tie is breaking even more and she’s upset and acting out. Not okay, even with a diagnosis. It is not okay for your mother to add stress to your life when you are pregnant. If she wants to be positive and helpful, great. If she’s going to be catty and negative, no. Explain this very, very clearly and treat her like a toddler if she breaks the rules. This may mean you need it write down what that means for you. If you mom says a catty thing on the phone, remind her once that you won’t tolerate it and then hang up. She will be angry and say you’re disrespectful, she is disrespectful and you will hang up every time she is. If it’s in person, tell her once, remind her once to her face, and then pack it up and leave. Even if you’ve just got there. Even if it’s making a huge scene. Unless she can reign in her petty imagined slights, you and your husband need to be a United front in protecting your stress levels at all times.